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Earwax Removal Service

Sometimes a build of earwax can cause pain or affect your hearing. Ear drops can help soften the wax but you may also choose an earwax removal service. Remember, you should never push any foreign objects, like cotton buds, into your ear as this can make the blockage worse or cause damage to the eardrum.

What is an earwax removal service?

An earwax removal service allows you to access treatments that may no longer be offered by your GP. The options include:

  •  – ear irrigation aka ear stringing where water is used to flush the wax out
  •  – micro-suction that uses a small probe to suck the excess wax away

These treatments are usually painless and should improve your symptoms very quickly. Whilst some GPs may still offer these services but many don’t. So, paying for private treatment may be an option for you.

What earwax treatments are available?

Earwax does usually fall out on its own without the need for treatment. However, earwax build-up can give cause:

  •  – earache
  •  – difficulty hearing
  •  – tinnitus
  •  – lead to an ear infection

Ear drops can soften the wax to help it fall out. If the pharmacist recommends earwax removal, you may also need to take ear drops before the removal procedure.

GPs will often forward people with earwax problems onto a pharmacist for advice and treatment. So you may wish to save yourself a trip to the GP and come straight to the pharmacy for advice and treatment.

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