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Wart Removal

We offer a wart removal service where we can remove warts from various parts of the body. If over-the-counter medications haven’t been successful for you, you can try cryotherapy to zap that wart for good.

What are warts?

A strain of human papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts. Warts are mostly harmless and usually go within a few months but some may persist for years. A verruca is a wart on the bottom of the foot which is embedded into the skin. You can get warts on any part of your body.

Whilst warts and verrucas rarely pose any risk they can be itchy, painful and uncomfortable. They can also be unsightly on the face or hands. Where are wart gets frequently knocked or rubbed by clothing, the skin may become irritated or broken which can lead to other infections.

Warts can be very contagious so you should take precautions not to spread the virus to other people, such as wearing a verruca sock at the swimming pool.

What wart treatments are available?

There are several over the counter options for treating warts and verrucas, including creams and acids that gradually kill the virus. These are available from any pharmacist.

However, if you have tried these treatments but cannot get rid of your wart or verruca, you may choose a freeze treatment. Freeze treatments may be available from your GP or you can access this treatment privately through our wart removal service.

How does wart freezing work?

Your pharmacist or nurse will use a special spray gun that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. The gun allows for very fine application meaning that only the wart will be frozen. Each wart will take a few seconds to spray.

The wart should turn black and eventually fall off, up to several weeks following treatment. However, you may need more than one session to successfully treat some warts.

The treatment is usually painless but you may feel some sensation during the freezing. Also, the area may ache in the days after the treatment.

Wart freezing, or cryotherapy, may not be suitable for warts on the face.

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You can contact us today. Otherwise, you can speak to a member of staff in-branch if you have any questions about our wart removal service.