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Electronic Prescription Service

If you are a Vincent Smith Pharmacy customer with regular medication needs, why not take advantage of our repeat electronic prescription collection service? It’s easy to set up plus it’s free!

Why use an electronic prescription service?

Your time is at a premium so going back and forth from your GP to the pharmacy can be a pain. Using the repeat prescription collection service is easy to do and hassle-free to use:

  •  – Initial set up only needs to be done once
  •  – Don’t have to visit the GP surgery each time you need your medication
  •  – Saves you time plus travel costs
  •  – It’s free!

How to set up an electronic repeat prescription

Pop in and ask our pharmacy staff to register you for the repeat prescription collection service. Then, you’ll need to contact your GP and authorise us to collect your prescription on your behalf. This way we can receive and prepare your prescription automatically.

Get your repeat prescription in 3 easy steps

Once the service is set up there are three easy steps to take:

  1. 1. Order your prescription from your Doctor or Health Centre as normal. Advise them that Vincent Smith Pharmacy will collect the prescription.
  2. 2. Phone us up and let us know you have a prescription ready to collect. We’ll advise you when it will be ready.
  3. 3. We will then collect your prescription form electronically and prepare your meds as required ready for you to collect.

It’s as simple as that!

You can contact us for more details on our prescription collection service and check to see if this free service fits in with your lifestyle.

Electronic prescription service is only available if you have regular medication on repeat prescription. If you need a new prescription or need to change the medication you are using, you may still need to see your GP.

So, drop into Vincent Smith Pharmacy on Monton Road and set-up your repeat prescription collection service today!